Privacy Policy

We very diligently take into account the fact your privacy is of utmost importance to you. The privacy policy of votesters categorically explains the policies and the protocols we take into account in terms of collection, use, disclosure, and sharing of information and other details while you use and we believe in maintaining transparency with respect to our privacy policy. For any exception to the laid down privacy policy, we shall not share or circulate your information under any circumstances.

Compilation Of Information

We at compile our information on the basis of the details collected from individuals, third-party sources and the automatically generated information through votesters.

Profile Information

As you create a profile at, we collect your details and information in line with the guidelines laid down by This information includes your name, contact information, date of birth and other details as sought during the registration of your account at We would also collect your interests as expressed by you in your polls, content or otherwise. All of the content, pictures, interests, polls, and information shared by you at votesters would be your responsibility as whatever you share over votesters will be visible to all the users at votesters. We recommend that understand the fact that whatever you share over this platform would be seen by your followers and sometimes all the users who have registered with the votesters platform. Votesters is not accountable for any form of media, content or information that you put up for sharing across the platform.

Content Policies

We would like you to realise the fact that all of the content posted by you over the platform is collected and stored by us. All your content inclusive of the polls, pictures, media, videos, questions etc will be publically viewable to the users of the votesters platform unless you choose to anonymously post a particular content. All your polls, content, date of content publishing and time stamps would be visible publically. Your content may also be indexed by search engines as per our Terms and Services.

Usage Of Information

Votesters would never sell your personal information and identifications to any third parties for their marketing purposes. Your name and contact details stay safe with votesters and it would always be the case. Votesters shall use the collected information for the following 1. Assistance to users in terms of any queries sought or services provided by us. 2. Communicating with the users in response to their inquiries or for troubleshooting issues. 3. To connect with the users for customer service purposes. 4. For making interest-based advertisements reach our users. We would make sure that only relevant adds reach you and we take effective care of the reach of advertisements and services. 5. For marketing and promotional purposes which includes sending you news, interest-based content, newsletters and promotional offers. 6. To keep a follow up about communications, inquiries, and marketing. 7. For seeking suggestions to evaluate and enhance the platform as per your requirements. 8. To convey updates and modifications to the platform. 9. To convey guidelines and protocols pertaining the use of the platform. 10. To initiate actions on breach of usage policies, fraud, illegal activities or any violations of our terms and policy. We shall investigate on discretion wherever we feel the need to do so.